PDF Printable Homeschool Planner: Undated

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The Homeschool Planner includes:

  • 221 pages 
  • Undated sections: for you to start the Homeschool Planner at any time!
  • Clean & simple layout
  • 8.5 in. x 11 in
  • Buy it once and use it forever!
  • Designed to be used for up to 6 children.

The Homeschool Planner was created for the whole life of a homeschooling mama. We know that a homeschooling mama isn't just a teacher. Our goal with this planner was to beautifully meld together ALL aspects of a homeschooling mama's life. Our hope is that it brings a little peace and order to your life! 

Weekly Sections include:

  • Monthly and weekly schedule
  • Hourly schedule (8am-5pm): we created this section for with time slots for up to 6 children. These pages were created to help you as the teacher pencil out which child needs help and when.  
  • Weekly Meal Plan: pencil out what you're having for your meals that week.
  • Weekly Grocery List: Add to the list as you think of items
  • Verse to Dwell On: at the top of each week we have an area where you can jot down a Bible verse or inspiring quote you want to dwell on that week.
  • Top Priorities for the Week: we have included a section at the top of each week where you can jot down that week's top priorities.
  • Weekly Cleaning List: pencil out what areas of your home you are going to tackle.
  • To Remember: we all know that as a homeschooling mama we have a lot on our minds.  We have included a section for you to pencil out important things that you need to remember for the week.
  • People to Pray for: each week we have included a small section where you can write down the names of people you are praying for.

The back of the Homeschool Planner includes:

  • Attendance Record: we have added Attendance Record pages for up to 6 children. For those of you in areas where Attendance Records are required, this will be a helpful tool to keep track.
  • Read Aloud Book List: if your homeschool family loves to read aloud, we have created a special page just for you!  Write down the chapter books that you have read as a family and the dates you have completed them.
  • Children's Book List: we have also created a page for your older children who are reading chapter books.  You can write down which books you want them to read that school year as well as when they have completed them.  This page is mapped out for up to 6 children.
  • Memory Verse List: There is a page designed to write down the memory verses that you have memorized that school year.  There is a line to write down when you began memorizing as well as when you completed that verse.
  • Field Trips: write down where you went on a field trip that year as well as the date.
  • Curriculum Planning Pages: We are VERY excited about these pages! When it comes time to plan your year, you'll be able to easily pencil out what curriculum you are going to need!  The Curriculum Planning Pages include spaces for subject, book, price, ordered and received.  We have included 6 Curriculum Planning Pages.
  • Notes: We have also included a few pages for notes at the very back of the Homeschool Planner.